Seriencamp Conference 2018 Save the date


Save the date!

SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE will return in November 2018. We're already looking forward to welcome you to Munich on the 8th and 9th of November. So mark the date in your calendars and keep an eye open for regular updates on the program and calls for projects - the best way to do so is subscribing to the SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE newsletter and follow us on Facebook.

*SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE is a two day industry event dedicated to drama series and serial storytelling that takes place annually in Munich. The event is targeted at producers, broadcasters, distributors and screenwriters, bringing together business and creativity.


Die vierte Season des SERIENCAMP FESTIVAL steigt im November 2018

Programm 2017

Es ist vollbracht! Freut Euch mit uns auf über 50 Serien und sichert Euch schnell Eure Gratis-Tickets!


After two years of hosting the so-called PROFESSIONAL DAYS, SERIENCAMP gave birth to the CONFERENCE in 2017, two days filled with panels,

Advisory Board 2018

SERIENCAMP’s ADVISORY BOARD consists of six esteemed industry professionals representing a diverse range of perspectives on th

Seriencamp @ Filmfest München

Zum zweiten mal auf dem Filmfest München: Das SERIENCAMP kuratiert und präsentiert das internationale Serien Spotlight