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Tickets for Conference 2017

Please contact infoatseriencamp [dot] tv for further information.

The big industry event for writers, producers and decision makers is looking forward to its third season in 2017 (from now on the Professional Days are called SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE): SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE welcomes industry professionals from Europe and beyond for two days of discussions, inspiration and networking in the heart of Munich. SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE will take place on October 26th and 27th. Keynotes, case studies and screenings present notable new market and industry trends from Europe and the rest of the world while the premiere season of the SERIENCAMP CO-PRODUCTION SESSIONS builts upon and expends the successful pitching events: WRITERS VISION PITCH and DIGITAL SHORT FORM PITCH.

We offer two different tickets. The INDUSTRY TICKET costs 275,00 €. The industry ticket includes all events of the conference plus access to the Co-Production Sessions, the official Opening Party of SERIENCAMP (October 26th) and the Networking Brunch (October 27th).

The CREATIVE TICKET costs 150,00 € and gives access to all conference events excluding the Co-Production Sessions, SERIENCAMP Opening Party and Networking Brunch. There will be no additional costs or fees. The ticket is valid for both days and includes beverages. We do not offer tickets for one single day. 

IT IS POSSIBLE TO BUY A TICKET VIA INVOICE: Please contact infoatseriencamp [dot] tv


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* Pitching Events 
Please note that the access to the Producers' Vision Pitch is soley dedicated to writers or broadcasters. The Writers' Vision Pitch and The Digital Short Form Pitch is open to all visitors of the Conference (Creative + Industry).

* Co-Production Sessions
At SERIENCAMP CO-PRODUCTION SESSIONS six high-end projects of international scale will present themselves to key-decision makers from the Drama Series industry. Carefully selected by SERIENCAMP’s ADVISORY BOARD of experts, these projects showcase the exciting range of upcoming and in-development productions in 10 minutes pitch presentations. The presentations are followed by opportunities to meet with creatives and producers in one-on-one-meetings.

*Bavarian Brunch Meet-Up
On Friday the CONFERENCE starts with a traditional Munich-Style brunch & networking event. Weißwurst & Weißbier (white sausages and wheat beer) as well as vegetarian options and plenty of coffee will be served across the street from the HFF at the Alte Pinakothek, one of Munich’s landmark museums and one of the oldest galleries in the world: the perfect place to discuss Old Masters and new projects.

* Opening Party of SERIENCAMP 
SERIENCAMP kicks off in style with an exclusive opening party. 450 guests enjoy the German premiere screening of a new series and afterwards discuss the show while enjoying great snacks and cool drinks. This invitation-only red carpet event has already become a yearly fixture. 

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After two years of hosting the so-called PROFESSIONAL DAYS, SERIENCAMP gave birth to the CONFERENCE in 2017, two days filled with panels,

Advisory Board

SERIENCAMP’s ADVISORY BOARD consists of five esteemed industry professionals representing a diverse range of perspectives on th

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Program 2017

Starting in summer 2017 we'll be announcing the first entries to our selection of series for the third season of SERIENCAMP.

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