Digital Short Form Pitch

Regardless of whether you are creating a bold new format distributed through Instagram and Snapchat, whether you are on the creative forefront of web series production or have a ground-breaking story idea that will kickstart a storytelling revolution – SERIENCAMP DIGITAL SHORT FORM PITCH is your place to present your early-stage to pre-production phased project to an audience of industry experts, brand managers and visionary decision-makers.

Projects selected by the jury for the pitch session are invited to an individual and exclusive ROUNDTABLE SESSION to get first-hand advice from experts and discuss the future of their project.  

The time limit for submissions has already expired.



Advisory Board

SERIENCAMP’s ADVISORY BOARD consists of five esteemed industry professionals representing a diverse range of perspectives on th

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Serial Killers

Unsere Fantasy-Filmfest-Highlights und ihre serielle DNA.

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Mit päpstlichem Segen in die erfolgreiche zweite Season: Besucherrekorde, Preisträger und was ihr sonst noch zum SERIENCAMP 2016 wissen (und sehen) müsst.

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