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About | Seriencamp



SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE is Germany’s biggest industry event dedicated to drama series and serial storytelling and was founded in 2015 and is curated by Gerhard Maier and Anna Katharina Brehm.

Gerhard Maier made his passion of watching series and talking about them his profession – first by becoming editor-in-chief for all things audiovisual in two of Germany’s biggest point-of-sale magazines and writing about film, games and series, then by co-founding SERIENCAMP. When he is not curating the conference and festival he is preparing the interdisciplinary storytelling forum PLOT, lecturing or consulting.

Anna Katharina Brehm is a German producer with over 15 years of experience in the film and TV industry. Since the first edition of SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE she has been scouting the latest trends, talents, projects and experts to bring them to Munich. Driven by her curiosity for people and stories combined with passion for series she aims to inspire discussions, provide practical know-how and fuel professional exchange.