Interview: Tali Barde – Creators’ Vision Pitch


For this edition of our Conference Newsletter, we caught up with Tali Barde, who presented his project “The Creator” at our 2018 Creators’ Vision Pitch and rocked the stage. With a project name so very fitting, how could he not!


How did the “Creators’ Vision Pitch” help you and your project?


Directly after I pitched my project at Seriencamp last year, I was approached by multiple high profile production companies who were interested to read what I had talked about on stage. Hence, I quickly found a partner that shared the same vision, which marked the beginning of a great collaboration. Furthermore, I stayed in touch with many of the producers I talked to on this day and having had my 10 minutes of pitch-fame in Munich definitely helped me to get my name out there. Also, preparing a pitch always comes with a nice side effect that shall not be underestimated: Once you have a deadline where you know you will be standing in front of a big crowd (most probably shitting your pants), you really begin to think about the heart and core of your idea. And this helps a lot! …You might also start to think why you are doing this job. But you will know the answer once you come off this stage. Trust me.


Why would you recommend your fellow screenwriters participate in this year’s Creators’ Vision Pitch?


The Creators’ Vision Pitch is about you and your idea only. It’s not about how much of the budget has already been secured, which actors are already attached or why this show suits a specific target audience. You are truly free from all of that. You are given a voice and a place to talk about something that comes from deep inside you. You are a storyteller unchained. And isn’t that what every great idea needs in the beginning?


Is there any advice you would give to someone who is thinking about submitting a project?


Don’t think too much about it. Let me remind you of Shia LaBeouf and JUST DO IT! When you don’t know which one of the projects to pull from your drawer – which I’m sure is full of sublime ideas, when you’re stuck with filling out the application form or when procrastination has you in its tight grip, watch this videoAlternatively, you can of course also get in touch with the people from Seriencamp. They’re really cool.