Five Years of…Work in Progress


SERIENCAMP’s “Work in Progress” showcase is a staple we get very, very excited about – for good reason. Who doesn’t want to meet the team behind tomorrow’s hit show?


One presentation we’ll never forget was 2017’s “Trakehner Blut”, presented by author Lea Schmidbauer and Samfilm’s Ewa Karlström and Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton, whose origin story is a fairytale in itself: Red Bull’s Dietrich Mateschitz enjoyed Lea’s equestrian serial “Windstorm” (“Ostwind”) so much that he commissioned a horse-centered show for Austria’s Servus TV (part of the Red Bull Mediahouse) from its creators. The creative team couldn’t believe their ears – but Mateschitz was very serious about making his dream a reality. A second season is already in the works…


Another fabulous “Work in Progress” to take the stage at SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE 2017 was “Bad Banks”, whose creator Lisa Blumberg explained how she came up with the idea and convinced director Christian Schwochow to sign on, while Bastian Pastewka spoke about taking his popular sitcom “Pastewka” to Amazon Video. 


In 2018, lead actress Lavinia Wilson, showrunner Lutz Heineking, jr. and producer Anke Greifeneder of Turner EMEA spoke about putting together “Andere Eltern”, a mockumentary whose cast oozed chemistry while delivering impeccable improv. Their presentation was as much fun to watch as the show they put together for TNT Comedy, and the team’s energy lit up the auditorium.


Other projects included “Charité”, “4 Blocks”, “Das Institut”, “Urban Divas” (which later aired as “Servus Baby”) and “Blockbustaz”. “Work in Progress” has always been a source of great excitement for us, and we can’t wait to share this year’s line-up with you!