Five Years of… remakes and adaptions


With the 2019 edition, SERIENCAMP celebrates its fifth anniversary – time to look back upon our previous editions under the lens of adaptations. While carefully curating our festival program of European, American, Canadian or Latin American shows, we always stumble upon series whose stroke of creative genius shines through immediately – and then we move heaven and earth to present them to our audience. Some of them were adapted and remade after we screened them at SERIENCAMP. 




After catching a glimpse of the first season at MIP.TV, we knew we wanted to have the Norwegian sleeper hit at our festival. Back then, no official English subtitles existed, and we had to translate four episodes ourselves – shortly before SKAM went from well-kept local secret to global phenomenon. In the following years, SKAM was a returning visitor – with producer Marianne Furevold or the writers behind its German and French version. 




Two scenes from this refreshingly candid and sweet family dramedy were enough to make us spellbound – writers Moa and Clara Herngren spoke at SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE about the making of the Swedish hit series, while audiences got a taste of the trickiness of patchwork family life with four screened episodes. A German remake will be ready just in time for SERIENCAMP FESTIVAL 2019!




Black-humored, but with a heart of gold – the Finnish TV series MENTAL followed a group of teenagers through their oftentimes tough, sometimes hilarious life in a mental health clinic. After an in-depth case study providing insights during SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE, the screenings were rapidly sold out. Last year, German youth broadcaster funk premiered the adaptation FREAKS.